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Kenny Brown

L: Potts Camp | P: 662-801-7272 | E:

With his own Kenny Brown Band, he has applied the powerful cry-and-moan singing style of the hills and those relentless, droning guitars to his own distinctive sound, earning him Musician magazine’s praise as “simply the best white slide player you might ever hear.” Brown’s unique musical talent is highlighted in his appearance in the Paramount Vantage film “Black Snake Moan” based on the life of R.L. Burnside, starring Hollywood famed Samuel L. Jackson. Brown’s CD, “Meet Ya In The Bottom,” released in 2008, has enjoyed remarkable sales; one reviewer wrote, “If Keith Richards were born in Mississippi, it would sound like this.” Brown’s most recent CD reviews, “Can’t Stay Long,” sum it up, “Kenny has become increasingly recognized as an international force in his own right since R.L. Burnside’s death in 2005. His abilities have never been a secret to those of us living in North Mississippi.”

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