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Conner Burns

L: Natchez | P: 601-446-6334 | E: | W:

Conner Burns is a studio artist in Natchez, Mississippi. He works with the vessel form, sculptural forms and installations. Images of his work can be found in publications about teapots, pitchers, bowls, tumblers, glazes and more. Burns teaches workshops throughout the U.S. to professional and amateur artists. He is the founder of the Kids Clay Camp (Natchez), Natchez Clay (a cooperative community of clay artists in Natchez) and the Natchez Project (a yearly gathering of professional clay artists that share techniques and ideas). His primary medium is clay, but he also creates sculpture with metal and resins. Burns’ workshops vary in length from simple presentations (one or more hours) to in-depth workshops (one day to two weeks in length) and vary from simple visual presentations to detailed hands-on processes. Burns’ artwork is organically influenced and combines a variety of techniques (and sometimes materials) in the creation.

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