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Dianne Butler

L: Florence | P: 601-939-1176 | E:

Dianne Butler, weaver of story and magic, has been telling stories for over 25 years. Tell her your needs and she will customize a program to fit those needs. She tells stories in a very unique way that appeals to both children and adults, getting audience members involved in her creative storytelling techniques. As a retired school librarian, her main focus is to create an excitement about reading and exploring literature. Folktales, original stories, and stories based on published books are just a part of her programs. As an amateur magician, she involves her audience with magic tricks. She has performed for groups at public libraries, school libraries, churches, girl scouts and cub scouts. In addition, she has conducted workshops to help adults learn to tell stories to children, and teachers who would like to incorporate storytelling into Common Core. She is very entertaining, weaving stories and magic into a unique and exciting program.

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