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Zach Day

L: Hazlehurst | P: 601-826-4041| E: | W:

Zach Day was born in Jackson, raised in Greenville and now resides in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Day is totally self-taught as a musician in all aspects including guitar, vocals, song writing, performing and business. He has developed a sound that is so raw with Delta Blues and Texas Country that he dubbed his unique style as “Cotton Country.” Even with over 20 original songs recorded, Day’s best work can still only be heard through his unforgettable live performances. His performances know no boundaries, including state or international lines. Day primarily performs around his home state of Mississippi, but he has also played around Texas, Nashville, Alabama, Colorado. Most recently, he completed a 10-week tour of Eastern Canada covering over 7000 miles and playing over 30 live shows. You can expect to experience a majority of original work when hearing Day perform, but he also covers a wide range of artists including Hank Williams Sr., The Allman Brothers Band, Marshall Tucker, Ryan Bingham, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Earl, The Band, Waylon Jennings and many others.

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