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Vergia Towner Dishmon

L: Jackson | P: 601-362-3842 | E:

Singer, arranger and composer Vergia Towner Dishmon, often referred to as “The Songbird,” is blessed with the gift of song. Her performances have taken her all over the U.S. and even to Europe, where she toured for three weeks to standing-room-only crowds. She has also performed feature roles in several musical theater presentations. A former teacher of English and Speech Communication, she delights in entertaining and instructing audiences with the origin, history and interpretation of the much loved hymns of the church. She has recorded three CDs; her latest recording is a collection of hymns and revered gospel selections. In 2005, she was a part of “The Gospel of Colonus” a nationally acclaimed production and in 2006 starred in “Crowns,” a musical play produced by New Stage Theater, a professional acting company. Whether in a theater, or onstage, or in a large or small church, her voice has blessed people whereever she has appeared.

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