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Chuck Galey

L: Jackson | P: 601-955-6430 | E: | W:

An enthusiastic advocate of arts as a teaching tool across the curriculum, Chuck Galey has kept students of all ages engaged and learning in classrooms and libraries with interactive programs all over the Southeast. As a teaching artist and award winning author/illustrator of children’s books, Galey keeps students and teachers captivated through his unique ability as an author/illustrator of children’s literature. Using Universal Design for Learning, he is able to tailor programs for student arts experiences as well as teacher and administrator professional development training for all levels. His approach to writing, reading, and art experiences encourages active student engagement and participation using strategies that enhance subject retention and stimulates creativity. For more arts integration information, subscribe to Galey’s e-newsletter, Sketchbook Doodles, at

Lessons & Workshops: Mississippi Bicentennial Arts Integration (teachers and grades K-5); Animal Parts (teachers and grades K-6); and more.

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