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L: Jackson | P: 601-624-1534 | E:

J-Wonn hit the radio by storm with his hit song, “I Got This Record,” which spread like wild fire. People would say that he is the savior of soul music. His music has touched the ears of all ages. In 2014, he received awards that range from “Best Song Of The Year” and “Best Entertainer Of The Year” (Jackson Music Awards) to “Best Upcoming Blues/Soul Male Artist” in Houston, TX. J-Wonn says that it is just a blessing that he has the attention and ears of so many young people. He looks forward to traveling the world and teaching youth that they, too, can love blues and soul music. He has had the honor of producing and writing songs for some of the best. Recently, he wrote and co-produced for the legendary Lenny Williams. Last summer he released his first album called “I Got This Record,” and is still working hard to be a part of Mississippi history..

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