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Doris Jones

L: Madison | P: 601-856-3440 | E: | W:

Doris Jones grew up in Memphis, but found her way south, where she fell in love with the people and stories of Mississippi. While reading to her young children, she added sound effects, refrains and character voices and was delighted to see an exciting increase in engagement. She later channeled this newfound interest in dramatic expression into elementary school visits and a position as a children’s librarian. She left the library in the mid ‘90s, traveling the state to tell tales and promote literacy in schools, libraries and museums. Listed on MAC’s Artist and Teaching Artist Rosters for over ten years, Doris employs a high-energy, interactive style that draws in listeners of all ages. An enthusiastic supporter of arts integration in Mississippi’s schools, she has developed lesson plans and artistic residencies that not only resonate with elementary students and teachers, but also address competencies in language arts, social studies and theater.

Lessons & Workshops: What Characters You Are! (teachers in grades pre-K-5th, exceptional ed and gifted, library specialist); Visualizing Better (and Easier!) Writing (teachers in grades 2-5, gifted in- structors); and more.

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