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Sálongo Lee

L: Natchez | E: | W:

Sálongo Lee is a photographer and a multi-talented visual artist, whose career includes working as a photojournalist, commercial and performance photographer. For over 25 years he has taught photography, printmaking and arts and crafts to adults and K-12 students for numerous arts organizations and to hundreds of individuals one-on-one in his studio. While his primary workshops topics cover teaching film and digital photography and the printing of photographic images; he is equally skilled in using various mediums such as monoprinting, sculpting with polymer clay and mixed media construction to create art as well as teaching workshops. As a self-published author of 5 books of original photography, haiku poetry and paintings, Lee can teach a workshop on self-publishing and the making of handmade books. The workshops can be tailored for as few as five students or for as many 20 plus students. Workshops can be designed to introduce or teach new techniques or technology to staff members so they can teach other staff members and their students.

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