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Elaine Maisel

L: Ridgeland | P: 662-772-2776 | E: | W:

Elaine Maisel is a bassoonist and contrabassoonist, playing professionally with orchestras throughout Mississippi. She is the state coordinator for MAC’s Carnegie Hall Link Up Program for 3rd-5th graders. She gives presentations, performances and workshops that make interdisciplinary connections to subjects such as math, science and nature through music, movement and art. Building knowledge through interdisciplinary connections and multiple learning styles is necessary for success in the current educational system and shifting global economy. One of the most salient concepts connecting different subjects is the presence of patterns. By discovering patterns in the arts, students can more easily see them in other content areas. The more we understand patterns in history, human behavior, nature and science, the more quickly and accurately we understand how our world works. Pattern recognition is key to knowledge acquisition and learning in all facets of life.

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