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Randy Mapes

L: Raymond | P: 601-857-3639 | E:

Randy K. Mapes, Saxophonist and Woodwind Specialist, has a performance
background on all five major woodwind instruments (saxophone, oboe,
clarinet, flute and bassoon). His repertoire contains works from both
the “Classical” and “Popular” idioms. Mapes can perform a wide variety
of programs including a solo saxophone recital, soloist performance with
a band or orchestra, or demonstration recital featuring all five major
woodwind instruments. He offers master classes and workshops for all
levels of woodwind students. Master classes and workshops can cover
subjects such as pedagogical techniques, literature, equipment and
performance techniques on one or more members of the woodwind family.
One of his performance goals is to promote music education and music
appreciation for the general public. Another goal is to provide the
audience an opportunity to learn about the history, literature and
workings of woodwind instruments.

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