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Harold Wayne Miller

L: Vicksburg | P: 601-919-130 | E:

Harold W. Miller believes he was fortunate to be born with creative hands, which have been honed and shaped by his life experiences growing up in Vicksburg. Miller is a self-taught sculptor whose fascination with clay began at the age of six, when he began to hull and fashion animals with clay from the embankment of a bayou behind his family’s home. Miller’s creations principally took a retrospective view of his cultural experiences, which primarily was an experience of having lived in a home that rested between a church and a juke joint. He creates various sculptures, such as three-faced vases, that include his extensive knowledge of pottery. Furthermore, Miller creates life-sized dolls, busts, frames for his reliefs, masterfully carved wood tables to exhibit his work on and awards. Miller’s formal education to pottery was received at Hinds Junior College and Jackson State University. Miller has worked tirelessly as a sculptor and pottery instructor to adults and children of all ages and special needs students as well. Currently, he serves on the Board of Directors of the Craftsmen Guild of Mississippi. He was selected to participate in a juried exhibit at Auburn University from September-November 2014. Miller’s exhibits have appeared at some of the South’s most premiered and celebrated museums such as Jackson State University, Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Mississippi Museum of Art, Meridian Museum of Art, Smith Robertson Museum of Art, and the Attic Gallery.h Robertson Museum of Art, and the Attic Gallery.

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