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Baba Asante Nalls

L: Pelahatchie | P: 773-571-9449 | E:

Baba Asante Nalls is a djembefola (master drummer) of the Mali
tradition, school of Abdouli Diakité. He learned traditional Mali
rhythms, songs, dance and folklore from several international master
drummers, including Chief Hawthorne Bey, master drummer for the
Katherine Dunham Dance Theatre, Ladje Camara, lead drummer for the
National Ballet du Senegal, Mor Thiam from Senegal, Adama Drame from
Ivory Coast, Papa Abdouli Camara, choreographer and folkloric for the
National Ballet du Senegal, and Fouday Musa Suso from Senegal. He has
worked as an independent artist specializing in West African drum music,
technique, tradition and folklore for the Muntu Dance Theatre, the Alyo
Chil- dren’s Dance Theatre, Sun Drummer, Ballet Jiki and Alla Lakke, all
of Chicago. His style does not leave his audience as passive watchers,
but entices them into the performance. Through their participation in
the rhythms, dance, songs, and folklore, his audience is lured into the
Malinke culture of West Africa. His mission is to keep the rich culture
of the djembe drum family alive, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to
Mississippi. He is available for lectures, demonstrations, workshops,
classes, personal lessons and performances.

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