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Andrea Thompson

L: Madison | P: 601-519-5844 | E:

Learn the art of pine needle weaving with Andrea Thompson. A member of the Craftsmen’s Guild of Mississippi, Thompson has been creating pine needle baskets, wearable art, sculptures, and beading for more than 20 years. She has taught her craft to students of all ages throughout Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. She was an artist in residence for the state of New Mexico where she taught at the Zuni Reservation and the Navajo Nation. Thompson’s classes can be customized for schools groups (any ages), arts organizations, rehabilitation centers, museums, parks and recreational programs and others. She introduces students to the origin of pine needle weaving and the ancient and now rare technique of coiled basketry which she has updated into a unique art style, with contemporary colors and patterns. Students learn the technique of dying raf a and pine needles and weave a small basket. For intermediate and advanced workshops, she teaches how to use her beading and basketry techniques in creating designs, wearable art, sculptures, ornaments, etc. Her program can be streamlined to fit either the long-term or short-term residencies. Packaged supplies and the book, “The Art of Pine Needle Weaving,” will be available.

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