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Mississippi Narrative: Ellen Douglas
Ellen Douglas
The writing of Ellen Douglas is saturated with the people and places of Mississippi. Douglas is the pen name of Josephine Haxton, who was born in Natchez, grew up in Louisiana and Arkansas, graduated from the University of Mississippi, and lived for many years in Greenville. Her novels feature Mississippi characters and are set in the regions of the state where she has lived. Through her work Douglas attempts to get to the truth beneath the surface of a story. She examines many of the themes that are traditionally found in Southern fiction, such as relations between blacks and whites and the role of the past in the present, but looks at these issues through a modern sensibility. She is the author of six novels, including A Family’s Affairs, A Lifetime Burning and Can’t Quit You Baby.
Photo of Ellen Douglas

Ellen Douglas

Ellen Douglas reading from her essay "Grant" at Mississippi University for Women, Columbus, 1998.
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Photograph courtesy of the author.

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