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Mississippi Narrative: Rev. Willie Morganfield
Rev. Willie Morganfield
Preaching and singing have been closely connected for Reverend Willie Morganfield. The pastor of Bell Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Clarksdale since 1975, Morganfield started out as a singer. He performed with a number of gospel groups, including the New Orleans Chosen Five and the Kings of Harmony. Eventually he became known as a soloist and released several hit recordings in the 1950s and ‘60s. However since accepting the call to the ministry in the 1960s Morganfield has made preaching his priority. His experience as a musician still comes through in the rhythms and verbal phrasing that he uses in his sermons. Morganfield has gained a national reputation for his preaching skills. He has released several albums of recorded sermons and is in great demand as a guest preacher throughout the United States.

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Photo of Rev. Willie Morganfield

Rev. Willie Morganfield

Excerpt from Morganfield's sermon entitled "Love in Action."
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Photograph courtesy of Panny Mayfield.
Audio recording courtesy of
Jewel Records, a division of Sue Records, Inc.

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