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Grants & Programs for Individuals

Artist Minigrants

Spring application deadline - June 1

Fall application deadline - November 1


The applications for all other grant opportunities will open at beginning of February. Deadline: March 1.


The arts in Mississippi depend heavily upon the state’s individual artists. The Arts Commission represents the interests of artists in many disciplines. As a result of the Mississippi Arts Commission’s most recent strategic plan, the agency created a distinct goal aimed at recognizing and encouraging Mississippi artists. MAC intends to realize this goal through offering the following opportunities for individual artists:

Artist Fellowship

The Artist Fellowship Program provides grants of up to $5,000 to individual artists of many different artistic disciplines to support professional development or the creation of new work. Artist Fellowships are highly competitive and do not require a cash match.

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Artist Minigrant

The Artist Minigrant Program provides grants of up to $500 to support the professional development of individual artists by helping to fund: travel and registration for appropriate conferences; promotional efforts (such as printed invitations for a gallery opening); or artistic supplies (such as paint, film, or clay). Artist Minigrants are competitive and do not require a cash match.

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Folk Art Apprenticeship

The Folk Arts Apprenticeship Program helps to assure the survival of community-based traditional art forms found throughout the state. The Commission provides up to $2,000 to master traditional artists to work with an apprentice on a one-on-one basis to teach specific aspects of their tradition. The master artist and apprentice apply to the program together.

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Mississippi Artist Roster

The Artist Roster is a listing of artists and arts education professionals who are available for performances, workshops, residencies, and other programs in communities throughout the state. Grant funds are available to organizations for presenting Roster Artists. Individual artists may apply to be included in the Roster for a three-year term.

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Teaching Artist Roster

The Teaching Artist Roster is a group of professional artists and arts specialists who are available to work with educators and administrators in developing strategies for using the arts in K-12 classrooms. Grant funds are available to schools and organizations for presenting these individuals. Like the Artist Roster, individuals may apply to be included for a three-year term.

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